Dawn of a Cormyrian Empire

It's a Mummy Family!

After defeating the dragon, we chose to leave the room through the passage on the right. We found ourselves in a ceremonial burial chamber. In the first area of the chamber, there was a sarcophagus, a rack of weapons, an ancient carpet, an altar, a throne, and a glowing purple torch. To our right we saw another passageway, filled with flame. Next to that passageway was a cryptogram, which we could not decipher. We examined the tomb, which belong to an “Al-Akhbar.” As we ventured deeper into the cavern, we found five more burial cites, each designated as a family relation. There was another passageway out, but it was barred by a rapidly flowing underground river.

Still lacking any means of egress, we decided to live up to our names as adventurers, and open one of the sarcophagi. We opened the one labeled “sister,” assuming that this person would be the weakest. The purple torch flamed as we opened the tomb. Inside, we found a body in a state of surprising preservation, but still very much dead. We cut off her head too lower the risk of a later attack, but, as we did so, there was a rumble, and we realized that all of the dead in the room were rising.

We fled towards the door. I cast a fireball amongst the majority of the rising dead, and then tried to seal the room off with a firewall, which I placed over the tomb of Al-Akbar. I moved into the entryway to the chamber, while Tuclo and Hawkbat stood in front of us to bear the brunt of the assault. Dante, however, grabbed the carpet and came face to face with Al Akbar before he could move away. Bravely, Dante shot Al Akbar in the eye, before being assaulted. Then, the battle was on.

The undead were formidable. However, we were killing them one by one. However, in the midst of the battle, both Hawkbat and Tuclo went down. Dante drew off two of the remaining attackers while I attempted to rescue our friends. I was able to revive Hawkbat, but Tuclo came under the mental dominion of the enemy. I had to render him senseless again before Hawkbat and I could destroy Al Akbar and his wife. As we did this, Dante killed the uncle and brother, who had chased him into the dragon’s chamber.

Following the battle, we were able to revive Tuclo. Dante had the brilliant idea of asking his carpet, which is magic and can speak common, how to solve the cryptogram to enter the other chamber. The carpet was able to tell us the key to the puzzle. However, we chose to rest for the night before moving on from this chamber.



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