Dawn of a Cormyrian Empire

Shelob, or something like it

Before venturing down the formerly fire filled hallway, our band went back to explore the other exit from the bronze dragon’s room. We found a small cave, with an underground river blocking it from the room filled with sarcophagi. In one corner of the room was a body, clearly dead, but oddly preserved. As we examined the body, we were attacked by swarms of spiders, who had come out of the caves through which the river ran. There were many swarms of small spiders, a large, sickeningly maternal spider, and a magical spider that teleported about. Hawkbat sprung into action attacking the matriarch and the magical spider and teleporting them back into the river. While they came back, they were significantly weaker than before. Without too much difficulty, our party was able to kill all the spiders. We found another of their victims further back in the cave. Utilizing his magic carpet, Dante was able to examine the corpse and recover valuable treasure.



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